Visit to LANXESS Plant in Belgium

Glass Fibre Europe’s Secretary General, Cédric Janssens, paid a visit to the LANXESS plant in Kallo, Belgium on 7th March 2023. The visit was organized by Gero Fabri, the representative of LANXESS in Glass Fibre Europe’s Board of Directors. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the association’s activities and the status of key dossiers on the European Union agenda, with a particular focus on climate, energy, and environmental matters.

During the visit, Cédric Janssens engaged in an informative discussion with Geert Albrecht, the plant manager, and Sven Reynaert, the manufacturing manager of the Kallo plant. The topics on the agenda included the association’s activities and the plant’s perspective on important dossiers related to the European Union’s agenda.

Following the discussion, Cédric Janssens was given a comprehensive tour of the plant, including an insightful view of the two furnaces and manufacturing processes. The tour provided an opportunity to discuss glass fibre recycling and circular economy, which are crucial aspects for the industry’s sustainability efforts. Last year, Glass Fibre Europe’s Board of Directors agreed on a common objective of zero internal glass waste ending up in landfills.

Expressing his gratitude, Cédric Janssens said, “I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Gero Fabri and LANXESS for organizing this insightful trip. Connecting European legislation with the industrial reality of the Kallo plant was particularly interesting. These visits play a vital role in enhancing our understanding and improving our assessment of European regulations’ impact.”