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Circular Economy

Zero waste to landfill, the ultimate objective of Glass Fibre Europe members


In March 2022, the European Commission published the EU Circular Economy Action Plan. This action plan is part of the EU Green Deal and it looks at reducing the consumption of resources, reducing waste and increasing circularity in the EU economy.

Why is it important

The European glass fibre industry is committed to working toward eliminating the generation of waste in its installations. The ultimate objective of the industry is that zero internal waste ends up in landfills. The intrinsic properties/qualities of the glass fibre products make it a challenging task (e.g. resistance, low thermal conductivity or durability) and the industry is already working on solutions to overcome these barriers.

Our view

The glass fibre industry considers that it is its duty to find solutions to eliminate the generation of waste in its installations, as well as to support the reinforced composite industry in its effort to address the management of the composites’ end-of-life. Glass Fibre Europe supports the composite industry in this task via its contribution to the activities of the European Composites Industry Association’s (EuCIA) in this field.

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