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CFGF & Human Health

CFGF products nominal filament diameter are not “respirable” and they are neither classified as hazardous nor carcinogenic by EU CLP regulation and other international institutions.

In brief

Glass Fibre Europe provides a product information leaflet entitled ‘Continuous filament glass fibre & human health”. The purpose is to share relevant knowledge and recommendation to our customers for assuring the safe use of our products.

Why is it important

The health of employees and ensuring safe working conditions are of primary importance to the continuous filament glass fibre industry. Therefore, Glass Fibre Europe continuously reviews and updates the product information based on the latest evaluation of work by different laboratories studying these subjects and the ongoing analysis of our products. The document can be read on this webpage or downloaded with the link at the bottom of this webpage

Main elements

• Continuous filament glass fibres (CFGF) produced by Glass Fibre Europe’s member companies are not respirable. These fibres have filament diameters above the respirable size of 3 microns thus minimising the potential for any chronic pulmonary effects associated with exposure to fibres. They are not “WHO fibres”.
• Irritation that can possibly be caused by these fibres is the result of mechanical abrasion, which can be minimised by good industrial hygiene practices.
• While continuous filament glass fibres are safe to manufacture and handle, a number of general work practices should nevertheless be followed by those who are involved in these operations, as described in the leaflet.

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