The End-of-Life of Vehicles and GFR Composites

On 13 July 2023, the European Commission proposed a Regulation on “circularity requirements for vehicle design and on management of end-of-life vehicles”, amending the current End-of-Life of Vehicles regulatory framework.

Our industry firmly supports the European Commission proposal and the new measures proposed that will push for the reuse of Glass Fibre Reinforced (GFR) composite parts and the deployment of recycling solutions; in particular, the introduction of a specific target for plastics applicable to composites, the mandatory removal of certain automotive parts and the introduction of an Extended Producer Responsibility to ensure proper collection and treatment of the vehicles.

While the European Commission proposal correctly addresses major hurdles to the reuse and recycling of End-of-Life vehicles, we believe that the proposal can further promote these objectives for the GFR composites parts. The position paper available below outlines the adaptations needed to the European Commission proposal.