The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal

Today marks a significant milestone for the future of the European Industry. Glass Fibre Europe, as a member of Glass Alliance Europe, is proud to support “The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal”. This important document was presented to Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and European Commission President von der Leyen today, urging for a European Industrial Deal to complement the Green Deal.

Cédric Janssens, Secretary General of Glass Fibre Europe, emphasized the importance of a European industrial based for the Green Deal, stating “Energy intensive industries, like the continuous filament glass fibre industry, play a critical role in bolstering Europe’s economy and resilience, acting as a primary driver of innovation across key value chains to the Green Deal”.

As underlined in the declaration, the European industry needs supportive measures to withstand the current economic downturn and for its transition. Some of the calls are particularly relevant to the continuous filament glass fibre industry, including restoring a level playing field on the EU market, elevating competitiveness as a strategic priority, providing financial support for investment in upgrading existing manufacturing facilities, prioritizing new projects for abundant and affordable low-carbon energy, deploying enabling infrastructures for the transformation of energy-intensive industries, and streamlining regulatory burdens to facilitate growth and innovation.

A competitive European industry, underpinned by a European Industrial Deal, is indispensable for the successful realization of the EU Green Deal. Retaining industry within Europe is not just a matter of economic vitality; it is about ensuring that our continent remains at the forefront of delivering the climate solutions essential for our collective future”, concluded Cédric Janssens.

The Antwerp Declaration is available below.