Strategy on Advanced Materials

Glass Fibre Europe welcomes the European Commission’s newly unveiled Strategy on Advanced Materials for Industrial Leadership. The Strategy presents concrete steps for the creation of an environment that capitalizes on existing strengths, retains research & innovation investments and production in the EU, all while driving competitiveness, resilience and growth in advanced materials and manufacturing.

The continuous filament glass fibre industry stands as a key supplier of advanced materials essential in a multitude of sectors including energy, mobility, construction and electronics. Serving as the initial stage in the glass-based lightweight materials value chain, these fibres undergo special processing to be integrated with plastics or resins, resulting in composite materials to enhance toughness, lightness and durability of components. As the backbone of innovation within the value chain, glass fibres play a pivotal role in propelling advancements across industries.

Cédric Janssens, Secretary General of Glass Fibre Europe, emphasized the unique and versatile properties of glass fibre, heralding it as a cornerstone for the Green Deal economy. He stated “The versatility of glass fibre is what makes it truly exceptional as an advanced material for shaping our future. They offer significant advantages in lightweighting, design flexibility, resistance to fire / chemicals / corrosion or changes in temperatures, soundproofing and durability.” Janssens highlighted the diverse applications of glass fibre across sectors including wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles, and electronics, as well as its indispensable role in enhancing the fire resistance and robustness of buildings.

The demand for glass fibre has experienced a steady upward trajectory over the past decade, driven by continuous industry innovation and an increasing focus on sustainability and climate neutrality. European production of glass fibre is poised to serve as a vital cornerstone in bolstering EU resilience and strategic autonomy in critical technologies, while facilitating the transition of the economy and industry towards a more sustainable future. Glass Fibre Europe reaffirms its commitment to collaborating with the European Commission and relevant stakeholders to leverage the opportunities presented by the Advanced Materials Strategy, fostering a thriving ecosystem for innovation, production, and competitiveness within the European Union.