Net-Zero Industry Act

Glass Fibre Europe welcomes the publication of the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA) and the introduction of a 40% target for the production of strategic net-zero technologies by 2030. Nonetheless, additional measures are needed to effectively bolster the resilience of the industry and its value chains in Europe.

It is positive that the regulation opens the door to projects at different steps of the value chain to be considered ‘net-zero strategic projects’. To us, as suppliers of various strategic net-zero technologies listed in the regulation, it was important to get this recognition”, said Cédric Janssens, Secretary General of Glass Fibre Europe.

To Glass Fibre Europe, the NZIA is only one piece of the broader framework required to support investments in glass fibre production in Europe. “Investors need a business case. If the pressure on the European market from heavily subsidised and dumped imports, and the increase in operating costs are not addressed, I am afraid that the proposed support to new investments in net-zero technology manufacturing projects will have a limited impact.”, continued Cédric Janssens. To succeed in its objectives, the European Union needs to reduce the cost of industrial operations and address the surge in imports.

Glass Fibre Europe calls on the legislator to consider the introduction of specific complementary measures. In particular, to introduce measures to address the unprecedented flows of imports on the European market, to curb the energy prices and costs to the industry, and to adopt policies that favour local content.