Initiation Anti-Dumping Investigation Glass Fibre Yarns

Today, the European Commission has initiated an anti-dumping investigation of imports of glass fibre yarns from China following a complaint by Glass Fibre Europe. Glass Fibre Europe requested this investigation because there has been increasing evidence in recent years that Chinese producers compete unfairly on the European Union market. 

Glass fibre yarns form the basis for numerous applications of lightweight material solutions in key sectors of our economy, including construction, transport, energy, industrial, aerospace, military and many more. Glass fibre production stands at the beginning of this 21st century glass-based technology value chain which is vital to the transition to a resilient carbon-neutral economy.

Cédric Janssens, Secretary General of Glass Fibre Europe, emphasized the importance of ensuring a level playing field on the European market, stating “Fair competition is paramount to secure the investments needed to maintain our domestic production, to keep innovation and support the development of new applications and markets, and thus to ensure the resilience and competitiveness of our value chain. This is key to fulfilling the European Union’s Green Deal and sustainability objectives”. Glass Fibre Europe is available to provide the Commission with any information needed in that investigation. “We trust that the European Commission will conduct an objective and thorough investigation over the next 14 months, and that it will take the necessary steps to ensure that fair conditions are restored in the EU glass fibre yarns market”, concluded Cédric Janssens.