Circularity in Glass Fibre Manufacturing

The European glass fibre industry is proud to announce the adoption of a groundbreaking position paper titled “Circularity in the European Continuous Filament Glass Fibre Manufacturing”. This new position paper underscores the industry’s dedication to significantly reduce waste generation within its facilities, as well as the ultimate goal of ensuring that no internal glass waste ends up in landfill. The new position paper is available below.

Glass Fibre Europe’s member organizations are diligently working towards the identification and implementation of innovative solutions, closely aligned with the European Union Waste Framework Directive. These measures, designed to prevent losses, promote reuse, and facilitate recycling, have already yielded substantial results. Over the past decade, the share of glass waste sent to landfills has been reduced from 11% to 6.9% of the glass fibre output.

The position paper released today offers a comprehensive overview of key aspects, including:

  1. Identifying Sources of Glass Losses: The document highlights areas within glass fibre manufacturing installations where glass losses typically occur. Understanding these critical points allows for more effective mitigation strategies.
  2. Implementation of Sustainable Measures: Glass Fibre Europe’s members have taken action to implement sustainable practices aimed at minimizing waste generation. The position paper details these measures and their impact on waste to landfill reduction.
  3. Support from Authorities: To facilitate this ambitious transition towards zero internal glass waste to landfill, the position paper provides insights into how governmental authorities can support the glass fibre industry. Collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies is crucial to achieving this shared goal.

The European glass fibre industry’s commitment to circularity and waste reduction not only aligns with international sustainability goals but also exemplifies the industry’s contribution to the European Green Deal agenda.

By adopting these innovative strategies and working collaboratively with authorities and other stakeholders, Glass Fibre Europe is confident in its ability to achieve the vision of a circular and sustainable future where no glass waste from its operations ends up in landfill.